McLaren on the reason for Lando Norris' accident

"You can see all cars sparkle when they go through this bump"

by Sead Dedovic
McLaren on the reason for Lando Norris' accident
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Lando Norris experienced misfortune during the Las Vegas Grand Prix. At one point, the highly skilled driver lost control of his car and careened into the barriers. McLaren Team Principal Andrea Stella brought relief to McLaren and Norris supporters by confirming that Norris had been released from the hospital and that the tests had yielded negative results.

"Lando has been discharged [from hospital]. All checks are negative, so good news on Lando's side," Stella told media, including RacingNews365.
In an interview with the media, Stella explained what was the main reason why the crash happened.

The combination of the two things presented a great danger to Norris. "There's a bump in that place. You can see all cars sparkle when they go through this bump," he said. "I think the combination of the bump and the cold tyres might have surprised him.

But otherwise, we don't see any issue with the car or a different nature."

Andrea Stella reacts to bump

The bump should be fixed, emphasized Stella. He believes that it is necessary to do this in order to prevent potential accidents in the future.

We will see what the future holds and whether the F1 leaders will really take certain measures. "I think that bump, if we carry on racing at night time, it should be should be fixed because the tyres will always be cold, low grip, and it becomes a very tricky corner," said Stella.

"Already during the weekend, we saw cases in which there was overseer in that place. Independently of the timetable, we would strongly recommend that this bump is smoothened out." Lando Norris has demonstrated exceptional talent and commitment throughout the current Formula One season.

McLaren can be happy with the fact that they have such a driver at their disposal. We'll see how much they can really do next season.

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