Christian Horner worried about Las Vegas


Christian Horner worried about Las Vegas
Christian Horner worried about Las Vegas © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Christian Horner emphasizes the critical need for the FIA and track organizers to prioritize safety checks on the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit before allowing Formula 1 cars back on the track. F1 has always been based on safety and that had to be the main principle.

However, Las Vegas has caused concern among many. Although there were indications from earlier that Las Vegas would not live up to expectations, many believed that this race could bring additional excitement. Still, the beginning is not optimistic.

“I mean they’re going to have to check them all just to make sure it’s safe to run. These cars are doing such a speed so close to the ground. We’ve just got to make sure that it’s safe. "- Horner said, as quoted by

Christian Horner

Horner calls for flexibility.

He is especially disappointed for the F1 fans who were excited and wanted to watch the race, but unfortunately, their plans were ruined. Christian hopes that things can be improved. “We’ve just got to be flexible.

It’s a great shame for the fans that have come out to see the cars running, but safety comes first. We’ve just got to get this right and hopefully it won’t take too long”. - he continued. Shifting all the activities to tomorrow's schedule doesn't appear to be a viable solution.

Horner remains optimistic that these issues will be resolved, allowing everyone to resume and enjoy the event once more. “We’d have to extend the running time in FP3 or something like that. I think they’ll get it sorted, I mean we’re here all night anyway!

” Horner concluded. Christian Horner and his team have met their season's expectations, so there isn't a significant level of concern for them. Red Bull effectively settled the matter of the winner quite some time ago.

Christian Horner