Lance Stroll criticizes F1 for the race in Las Vegas


Lance Stroll criticizes F1 for the race in Las Vegas
Lance Stroll criticizes F1 for the race in Las Vegas © Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images

Lance Stroll is one of the drivers who decided to criticize F1 and their moves. Stroll does not understand certain moves from the F1 leaders, but accepts them as such. Stroll emphasized that the race in Las Vegas is not exactly the best thing for the drivers and that he does not want to be a Hollywood star.

His desire is to compete and achieve positive results. “It’s not really my thing,” Stroll said, as quoted by! “Didn’t sign up for that part of it all. “I mean, we’re racing drivers, you know.

Yeah, I think sometimes kind of… goes too much in the whole like Hollywood star side of things, you know. I just like racing cars, not trying to be a Hollywood star."

Lance Stroll on the business part: It's huge

Stroll is aware that many parties benefit from coming to Las Vegas.

From a business plan, this is an ideal idea and strategy, but there are certain flaws. Still, Stroll understands that this is a great thing for F1 teams, F1 as a sport, and the American market. This great driver does not want the future of the F1 scene to become like this.

His wish is for F1 to maintain its form. “I guess for the sport it’s great we come to places like this, we expand the American market, it’s great for the team, great for the business, Formula 1 needs to think about that.

It’s huge, huge for the valuation of the business, sponsors, attracting more sponsorship, hopefully more American sponsorship, three races in America, but I hope we don’t just go into the kinda avenue of these kinds of races and lose the purity of Formula 1 as it’s nice to have the balance”.

F1's future holds even more promising prospects. The sport is aiming high, looking to expand its horizons and redefine the world of Formula 1.