Sebastian Ocon is proud of his great result in Bahrain

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Sebastian Ocon is proud of his great result in Bahrain

Esteban Ocon is proud to have shown emotion by crying after crossing the finish line, achieving the first podium in his F1 career, and says he will remember that feeling forever. Ocon started 11th, but already after the first lap, he was eighth, four places behind teammate Ricciardo who started seventh.

Thanks to the strategy of one entry into boxing in the 41st round, Ocon advanced to second place behind the winner Perez and achieved the first podium in Formula 1. After a year-long break in Formula 1, despite very good performances in 2017 and 2018, Ocon is losing in the qualifiers to Ricciardo 15: 1 but has recently approached him several times.

This was not the case in the second race in Bahrain where he was 0.231 s slower than Ricciardo and finished 11th fastest, in the best place where the driver can choose the tire component where he will start the race. Ocon started on a new set of medium tires, and in the 41st lap, he put a new set of hard tires on which he drove 46 laps, with the help of a safety car as well as all drivers on the strategy of one entry into the box and they had an easier task to save tires until the end of the race.

Ocon shows his emotions

Ocon was very happy and failed to hide his emotions. This result means a lot to him and it will certainly help him in the next races as a motivation for even better results. After everything that happened to Ocon, he deserved a race like this and no one doubts that he will have many more.

"What a race!" Said the enthusiastic Ocon. "We succeeded, we are on the podium and it is a fantastic feeling. It was amazing and all the emotions came out of me when I crossed the line. ” "I was definitely crying and I'm proud to say that.

That moment, when I crossed the line, I will remember forever. ” "The team did well in the race, we had good speed, and I had a lot of overtaking." “It has been a difficult season, but we have continued to believe in ourselves and it has been rewarded with this incredible feeling.

Keep believing and it will come at some point! ” "We've come a long way this season and are coming back next week to finish the season as best we can." Ocon is 12th in the driver’s standings with 60 points, seven places, and 52 points behind team-mate Ricciardo who has two podiums this season at the Nurburgring and Imola.