Toto Wolff 'feels anger' and wants to help Hamilton win the 8th title

“As a team principal, it is important to be fair and open with both drivers"

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff 'feels anger' and wants to help Hamilton win the 8th title
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F1 fans are wondering if there is any chance of Lewis Hamilton winning his eighth title. Although Red Bull's dominance lasts for three seasons, many hope that Mercedes will enable Hamilton to win the title. Toto Wolff is one of those who is ready to do anything to help Hamilton achieve his goal.

Wolff emphasized that time is running fast, and that Mercedes will take certain measures, all with the aim of regaining dominance. “We are living in a hamster wheel where time passes so quickly that it doesn’t feel like it has been two years,” Wolff said, as quoted by “You can see how quickly the pecking order changes.

We won eight constructors’ championships in a row, and it has been two years since Red Bull have been taking the trophy home. But we have to look forward, learn from the past, and the push now is to make Lewis win quickly again.

I have a personal anger, and drive to make him win the eighth title because he should have had it." From the very beginning, Wolff wanted to be honest with his drivers, and that attitude has never changed. “As a team principal, it is important to be fair and open with both drivers.

But there is a big part of us that will always want to be a part of that story in undoing and overcoming 2021”.

Toto Wolff on Hamilton's age

While some suggest that Lewis Hamilton is in the twilight of his career and won't compete for much longer, Toto Wolff disagrees.

He firmly believes that Hamilton is physically fit enough to remain at the pinnacle of the sport for several more years. To support his assertion, he points to Fernando Alonso, who, despite being 42 years old, still displays impressive skills and qualities in racing.

Wolff aims to provide Hamilton with a competitive car that will empower him to pursue championship victories.
“We are living from contract-to-contract, and it is important that we are doing what we think is right and what we feel is right, and at the moment I personally feel he can go longer,” Wolff added.

He is 39 in January, and Fernando [Alonso] is still going strong. As long as you look after yourself, you do the best preparation, physically and mentally, and develop different areas to when you are 25, then yes. We just need to give him a car that is quick enough.

And, as a driver, I have no doubt about him. You have seen in the last races that his performance, speed and race craft are all there. But, if he doesn’t have the car underneath him, he cannot win”.

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