Lewis Hamilton responds to complaints from Las Vegas residents


Lewis Hamilton responds to complaints from Las Vegas residents
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The Las Vegas Grand Prix will be specific in many ways. What is interesting is that the locals are not happy with the arrival of F1, considering the disruptions. Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei had to apologize for it. In his address, Maffei emphasizes that he understands such reactions, but also that citizens must be aware that this is bringing huge money into Las Vegas.

“I want to apologise to all the Las Vegas residents and we appreciate that they have their forbearance and their willingness to tolerate us,” he said. “We’re going to bring something like $1.7bn of revenue to the area.

So it’s not just for the benefit of fans who want to view. We hope this is a great economic benefit in Las Vegas. We hope this is the most difficult year with all the construction that went on and things will be easier in the future”.

-Maffei said, as quoted by crash.net

Lewis Hamilton on citizens

Lewis Hamilton is among the drivers who highlighted their understanding of the citizens' discontent, considering the city's scale and the financial investments involved in its business.

Nevertheless, he remains optimistic that things will ideally align for everyone and believes that the citizens will eventually recognize the positive impact that F1 has brought to them. “I’ve heard there’s been a lot of complaints about the event being here from the locals and I think we have to be respectful of the locals here.

There’s so many here, working so hard, there’s a lot of money and wealth in this city, and also the places we’re going, in this industry. We’ve got to make sure that people are taken care of I think.

We can’t be a circus that shows up that’s all glitz and glamour, and people are affected negatively by it”. The Las Vegas GP could bring a lot of excitement.

Lewis Hamilton