George Russell disappointed after the race in Bahrain

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George Russell disappointed after the race in Bahrain

George Russell says he is disappointed and happy with the race in Bahrain and he couldn’t believe he lost the chance to win an amazing race on the fast track configuration in Bahrain. Russell took the lead from second place and led 59 laps, but when a safety car came out in lap 62 due to Aitken’s incident Mercedes decided to change the tires for both him and Bottas.

In an attempt to change the tires on both cars in succession, Mercedes, thanks to a fault in the radio connection, sent Russell on the wrong tires until the Bottas had their tires changed at all, making him an easy target after a restart.

Even with those events Russell had a chance to win and was less than three seconds behind leader Perez, but in the 78th of 87 laps, he had to make another tire change due to a flat tire when crossing over some of the debris on the track.

Young Russell was surprised and shocked by everything that had happened to him and unfortunately failed to get to the desired position. He should still be proud of himself because he achieved huge success, he had a great race, he moved well with the car, but Russell lacked the luck that is sometimes crucial in such moments.

Russell on his race

“I had races where I lost victories, but twice, I couldn’t believe it,” said a disappointed Russell. "I couldn't believe what was happening." “I left my heart on the track.

I had the race under control, especially in the beginning, and then a safety car came out, which was irritating. ” “But I felt comfortable. I did some overtaking, I was ready to chase Sergio to bring back the win, it would be tense.

But we would succeed. ” "But then we lost again. It's racing. " “If you had told me on the eve of the weekend that I would win some points I would have said okay, it would be a pretty fantastic weekend.

But if you told me I would lead the race and finish… ah, I don't know… ” "It really hurts, honestly, it really hurts when you get out of the car. I talked to my parents right away, I know they felt it.

They told me I could be proud of so much. ” "It's the same with Toto and James and Bon." "I hope I have given Toto some problems in the future. I am happy and proud. ” Despite a disappointing loss of first win and first podium, Russell still won the first points in Formula 1, secured the first starting line for the first time, took the lead in the race for the first time, and drove the first fastest lap.