Toto Wolff Confirms Mercedes' Recognition of Mistakes


Toto Wolff Confirms Mercedes' Recognition of Mistakes
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Toto Wolff was not satisfied with his team's performance in Brazil. However, what can bring them satisfaction is the awareness of where they are making mistakes. The competition for the second position in the Constructors' Championship promises to be interesting.

"After promising performances in the US and Mexico, we didn’t perform at our best in Brazil,” Wolff said. “We have been hard at work to identify the wrong turn we took with the set-up; we have done that.

We understand our mistakes and can explain our performance loss to the field. That’s important as we look to secure P2 in the Constructors’ Championship”.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas will be a huge challenge for everyone, including Mercedes.

It's hard to predict how much they can do in that race. “In parallel, we have been preparing for the challenge of racing at a venue that is a complete unknown,” he continued. The Mercedes team prepared as best they could for this kind of challenge.

Many factors will influence them, but their dedication and passion for winning will never fail. Toto has a firm belief that his team can really fix the mistakes of the past. “We have prepared the best we can, using the limited information we have, and there are some unique characteristics we can anticipate.

The schedule is offset compared to other races. " The fact that the race will take place at night, as well as the fact that the track layout is unusual, causes concern among many. “We'll be running at night, where ambient and track temperatures will likely be in the single digits.

Plus, the track layout itself is unusual with many slow corners but long straights. It's going to be a big challenge for us all and we're looking forward to taking it on”. Source:

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