Sergio Perez: "Today, no one has a guarantee that he will stay in F1"

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Sergio Perez: "Today, no one has a guarantee that he will stay in F1"

Sergio Perez believes that the fact that he does not have a secured driver's seat for 2021 is proof that in Formula 1 they are not necessarily the best drivers in the world, which was confirmed by Esteban Ocon who missed last season even though he drove great in 2017 and 2018.

In the chaotic race in Bahrain, Perez recovered from a collision with Leclerc in the first lap and took advantage of Mercedes ’problems when changing tires, and his first career victory helped him take fourth place in the drivers’ standings even though he missed two races due to coronavirus.

Perez is waiting for Red Bull's decision about Albon for 2021 because it is the only option for a driver's seat next season, but he believes that is not a disaster if he pauses one season and that he already has offers for 2022.

Perez on his situation

In 2021, there will be changes in the rules in Formula 1 that could change the situation in the final order. Because of such rules, Perez is also happy and hopes that even if there is a break, he will return stronger and more ready, and as if he wants to rest one year after a difficult season.

“I already have some good options for 2022 so it’s best for me to continue next season,” said Perez, who achieved his first win in his 193rd appearance, the highest number of appearances a driver has waited for his first win.

"But if I have to pause, it's not a disaster. I can go back to 2022. ” "The rules will change so much in 2022 that I don't think it will hit me so hard on the driver's side, to get back to full speed."

"I am at peace with myself. I think Esteban mentioned that drivers like him were left without a seat, that's how it is in Formula 1. ” “It can be really difficult, and in Formula 1 they are not always the best drivers, unfortunately.

We have to keep pushing and delivering results and that is the best we can do. ” Ocon confirmed Perez’s thinking as he was left without a driver’s seat at Racing Point in 2019 to be joined by the son of owner Lance Stroll even though he had great seasons in 2017 and 2018 in which he was very evenly matched with the more experienced Perez.

“He’s one of the best drivers and he can’t stay away, that wouldn’t be normal,” Ocon said. "But sometimes it's like that in this sport and you don't always end up in the best of situations."