F1 design legend warns Mercedes: Don't copy Red Bull


F1 design legend warns Mercedes: Don't copy Red Bull
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F1 design legend Gary Anderson believes that Mercedes should be careful in preparing for the next season. Speaking to The Telegraph, Gary Anderson emphasized that it is not a good idea for Mercedes to copy Red Bull and do the same things.

It is necessary that they have their own philosophy at this moment, which will bring them positive results. “Are Mercedes bold enough to just copy the underfloor of a Red Bull, a McLaren or an Aston Martin? The big thing is the aerodynamic philosophy behind that geometry.

Having the car look the same is one thing but having it work the same is a different thing altogether. And that is where you need to have the philosophy of the aerodynamics – how it instils confidence in the driver and how their package works as a unit.

That does not always come from a car looking the same. "

Aerodynamics philosophy

The aerodynamics philosophy of both teams is different, so Anderson believes that Mercedes cannot make a mistake. The engineers and leaders of this team must understand well what the biggest problem is and create their own ideas that will lead them in the right direction.

However, this requires quality individuals, quality management, as well as quality drivers. No one doubts that Mercedes really has quality in every field, but they have to show it. Mercedes really needs to make the most of their know-how and resources, not just to figure out what's stopping them but to fix things fast.

The racing scene is crazy competitive, and there's not much room for the mistakes. It's crucial for Mercedes to find a right solution.
They could go off and copy Red Bull and it could be worse because their philosophy and their aerodynamics are not the same.

It is like making a cake. You can put in all the the ingredients that Mary Berry says, but you can’t always end up with the same cake as Mary Berry makes. Likewise with a racing car, you cannot just throw it all in.

It is all about just having an aerodynamic package that gives the driver confidence." Source: Crash.net

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