Valteri Bottas: It’s very easy to criticize now

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Valteri Bottas: It’s very easy to criticize now

During this season, Valtteri Bottas has already met with a lot of criticism about his driving and this is nothing special to him, but after the Sakhir Grand Prix in which he was twice overtaken by George Russell in his debut performance for Mercedes, an avalanche of criticism was inevitable.

The young Briton jumped into the car as a replacement for Lewis Hamilton, so in much of the race, he acted just like Hamilton. Although slower by 26 thousandths of a second in the qualifiers, Russell overtakes Valtteri in the first turn, then rushed forward and built a nice advantage.

Later, the team ruined the race for both of them with that "circus" with tires, but in the end, Russell left a very good impression, while Valtteri is now "shooting from all weapons" "I knew that in the first stint on medium tires, the position on the track would be important and unfortunately I lost that position.

But in the second stint I reached it at a pretty good pace and I knew everything would be open. We could probably have a good fight, especially towards the end of the stint on harder tires, ”explains Bottas.

Bottas on his race

Before that unfortunate double entry into boxing that went awry, Bottas lowered his lead from eight to five seconds.

He says that during the race he did not think about the possibility that Russell would beat him on his debut in Mercedes. "In the race, I just tried to do the best I could. I knew we had a long race ahead of us so I didn’t think about things like that.

Thinking about it now, if you don't know some things, of course I looked like a complete fool. ” “It was a pretty bad race on my part and it will be very easy to tell people how the new driver came and beat the one who has been on the team for a few years.

It’s not ideal, but those who understand how performance works will know what the end result could have been. I don't know what else to say, except that the weekend was not ideal, obviously ", he said. In the end, he won eighth place, after he had to finish the race on old hard tires.

Russell stayed behind because he had to box for the fourth time because of a flat tire. “It was a nightmare on those old hard drives that had already lost their temperature when stopping in boxing. Against the driver on the new medium tires, I was like a clay pigeon. A nightmare situation, ”Bottas described.