Christian Horner reacts to Hamilton's words that Red Bull will dominate in the future


Christian Horner reacts to Hamilton's words that Red Bull will dominate in the future
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After the end of the race in Sao Paolo, Lewis Hamilton emphasized that Red Bull could dominate in the seasons ahead. The convincing winning of the championship caused concern among other teams, who believe that Red Bull will be equally strong in the seasons ahead.

“I think, ultimately, all I can do is try to remain optimistic. The Red Bull I think is so far away. I think they're probably going to be very clear for the next couple of years”. - Hamilton said.

Christian Horner on the future

Christian Horner believes that it is difficult to predict what the future may hold for his team and other teams within F1.

The fact is that things are going perfectly for them for now, but that is no guarantee that they will continue to dominate in the future. Currently, they have a great foundation to develop in the right direction. Horner is someone who believes that the coming years could bring even closer and more competitive fights.

"It's always difficult to read too much into those things. I think that it's a lot of world championships that are won in the windtunnel numbers at this time of year. I think that we've got a great car, we've got a great basis.

We need to keep evolving it, but of course, the returns are going to diminish because you're hitting the top of the curve. And you can see it will concertina. It will become closer and that will stretch us more, for sure. But the team are very, very motivated." Teams in F1 are still optimistic that they could fight with Red Bull.

We will see if Horner's words will become reality. “You can see nobody's let off since we won the championship. Everybody's still fully on it”. Source:

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