Naomi Schiff on the stormy reactions of Toto Wolff after Sao Paolo

"Recent history suggests they aren’t in such a terrible place.”- she said.

by Sead Dedovic
Naomi Schiff on the stormy reactions of Toto Wolff after Sao Paolo
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The race in Sao Paolo was disappointing for the Mercedes team. Lewis Hamilton finished the race in eighth, while George Russell finished the race in eleventh. Naomi Schiff is aware that Mercedes does not feel satisfied with the development of the situation so far.

Toto Wolff's strong reaction is the reason why Schiff believes that the leaders of Mercedes are in fear. However, her opinion is that there is still a lot of time and that they should not be disappointed after everything. “We all heard Toto’s words.

It seemed that he was not in a good place. I think those words were quite strong. I’m not sure if it was an emotional reaction. They lacked pace, they used up the tyres which is uncharacteristic for their car, and they had reliability issues.

A lot of things went wrong but they had two podiums, they were moving in a positive trajectory. Although it was a dramatic result, it seems like it may be a once-off. We’ve seen that car, in the past, as Toto described it ‘on a knife-edge’.

I’m sure they’re having major debriefs now. I’m not sure if we should take Toto’s reaction with a pinch of salt. I think it was pessimistic outlook. Recent history suggests they aren’t in such a terrible place.

”- she said.

Brazil race

The race in Brazil served as a crucial moment for Mercedes, presenting them with a great opportunity to glean invaluable insights and chart a course for their future endeavors in Formula 1.

As the team navigated the challenges of the Brazilian Grand Prix, they were not merely participating in a competition but rather partaking in a profound lesson that could shape their strategic decisions moving forward. “There has been doubt on the concept perspective.

Do they stick to this concept? Do they not? They had gone in the direction that they weren’t. But when the car starts performing positively they have doubts about the choice that they made. This was a learning curve”.


Toto Wolff