Ex-F1 driver Timo Glock: Lando Norris could fight for the championship


Ex-F1 driver Timo Glock: Lando Norris could fight for the championship
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Many expect and hope that Max Verstappen will have real competition next season and that he will not win the championship so easily. Ex-F1 driver Timo Glock emphasized in an interview with the media that Lando Norris is someone who could spoil the Dutchman's plans next year.

Glock believes that Norris has qualities that could emerge next season. However, it is also necessary for McLaren to do its part and create a car for him that can do great things. “It depends on what McLaren can offer him and if they can give Lando a car to truly fight for a championship.

I think he's definitely one of the drivers capable of challenging Max. Lando was under pressure from Oscar on a few occasions, and you could see small mistakes made by Lando in qualifying." Glock especially emphasized the fact that Norris manages to reach the very top from the back of the field.

He has the necessary pace! “If we're talking pure pace, though, Lando is very impressive. He manages to start at the back of the field and finish in the top five! He knows exactly what to do to not make these mistakes again, and he can definitely challenge Max if he has the right package around him”.

McLaren is doing a great job

McLaren has showcased exceptional performance in the second part of the current season, prompting questions about their ability to maintain the same momentum into the upcoming season. Timo Glock, among others, expresses hope in McLaren's sustained success, emphasizing the importance of Red Bull having a formidable and genuine rival to keep the competition intense and thrilling for fans.

"If you look at the last couple of races and how McLaren have started to perform from the middle of the year, I'd say they're pretty consistent and they haven't had any technical problems,” he continued. “They're on top of their game in terms of strategy, too.

It would be great to see McLaren fighting for a championship in the future”. Source: Crash.net

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