Fernando Alonso surprised everyone: Lewis Hamilton motivates us all


Fernando Alonso surprised everyone: Lewis Hamilton motivates us all
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Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton did not have an ideal relationship when they were part of McLaren. However, Alonso revealed in an interview with the media that he has always had respect for Hamilton, especially now that he is fighting despite not having the best car.

The Spaniard believes that Hamilton could be a huge motivation for everyone. "We have different personalities and motivations. Lewis always did really well to stay focused and competitive in the periods of his life when he didn't have a competitive package.

Those periods weren't many, but he was always performing to a high level. Now he's not having the best car, Red Bull is dominating, but he's still fighting always. He's chasing [Sergio] Perez in P2 and he's never giving up.

It motivates all of us to see how Lewis keeps the motivation after winning so many titles. "- he said.

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Fernando Alonso is happy that his team succeeded in its intentions this season and even more than that. The Spaniard did not expect such a great season for him.

Next year, the ambitions will be even greater. "We were thinking in 2023 we'd be consistently fighting in the top ten, and maybe a podium or two would be possible, and then in 2024 be a regular contender for the podium. We found ourselves regularly fighting for podiums in the first half of this season, and that was definitely a surprise, so I was happy.

As you say, after some disappointing years and moves in Formula 1 it was very nice to feel that a change of teams this time really paid off." Alonso is optimistic that he can finally secure his 33rd victory and add another milestone to his amazing career.

With his determination and the support of his team, he is patiently working towards this goal, knowing that each race presents a great opportunity to show his skills in the best possible way. "I would love to make that 33rd [career win] happen.

There's been a lot of talk about it on social media, 33 is a number I see everywhere, and I would love to have it. I feel fresh, I feel fast, and I'm enjoying the journey with Aston Martin. I feel motivated. It's not the time to retire yet." Source: Mirror

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