Martin Brundle analyzed the race in Sao Paolo: Mercedes was painful to watch

“Sergio Perez had already shown his rejuvenated talents"

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Brundle analyzed the race in Sao Paolo: Mercedes was painful to watch
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F1 commentator, Martin Brundle, was not satisfied with the performance of Mercedes in Sao Polo, and he "emphasized" that it was painful to watch. Hamilton and Russell have huge problems this season. Although sometimes it seems as if they could take a step further, they quickly convince us that the Mercedes car still has a lot to change.

“It wasn't a classic race by any means, both Mercedes' of Hamilton and Russell continuing their poor race pace of Saturday, but for three times as long and it was painful to watch,” -Brundle wrote. Russell and Hamilton were very bad.

“They eventually retired Russell, and Hamilton grabbed a few points in eighth place”. Brundle is also delighted with the performance of Sergio Perez, who impressed everyone. Although he has huge problems this season, the Mexican manages to come back again and show that there is nothing that can stop him.

“Sergio Perez had already shown his rejuvenated talents on a number of occasions with some deft out-braking manoeuvres while recovering from a poor-ish grid slot, and then homed in on Fernando Alonso for the final podium spot.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this battle of high-speed tactics,” he continued.

Fernando Alonso vs Sergio Perez: Fair battle

The race between Alonso and Perez was interesting and caused excitement among the fans. “Alonso was using and placing his car well to frustrate Perez behind him, in what looked like a much faster car.

Their tyre lives were identical and it was a straight fight to the flag. " Both had words of praise for each other at the end of the race. They proved that battle does not always have to mean an aggressive approach. “The racing would be hard, the defensive moves dramatic and bordering on late, but always leaving racing room, for which they would both applaud each other post-race”.

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