Max Verstappen Shares Fascinating Insights on Lando Norris


Max Verstappen Shares Fascinating Insights on Lando Norris
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After the victory in Brazil and a great performance, Max Verstappen had an interesting interview with the Checkered Flag Podcast. The Dutchman is happy for the victory, but also especially impressed by his colleague Lando Norris, who was great this time and showed that he is a driver from whom great things are expected in the future.

Max and Norris had a fierce battle until the end. In the end, the Dutchman won. Verstappen explained how everything looked from his point of view. “Yeah, I think for every stint for the first half of it Lando [Norris] was doing the same times as me.

But, it was always the last five to ten laps where it seemed like we had a little more pace than McLaren today and we could extend our gap a little bit. So, that was definitely positive for us today but he gave it a good run.

That lap where I had to defend, it was close that he got by me, but also Lando realised that I had to save my tyres to make sure that we made it to the end of the stint in the best possible way."- Max Verstappen said.

Max Verstappen on Lando Norris

The host was interested in whether Verstappen is looking forward to the upcoming battles with Norris, given that he seems to be the closest to the Dutchman.

Verstappen believes that Norris has always been a quality driver. His qualities will emerge soon. Verstappen went on to emphasize the mutual respect and healthy rivalry that exists between them. Both drivers have demonstrated their skills and determination, so it will be interesting to watch them fight in the future.

“Yeah, but I’m not surprised, I know how good Lando is, it’s nice to see him there, he deserves that as well and McLaren deserves that and hopefully we’ll have many more battles”. The world of motorsport eagerly awaits the next chapter in their on-track rivalry.


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