Lewis Hamilton disappointed by the inconsistency of his car


Lewis Hamilton disappointed by the inconsistency of his car
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Lewis Hamilton was once again disappointed with another poor performance, this time in Sao Paolo. The Briton had to settle for P8, a far cry from the podium finishes he's accustomed to. It was clear that he was deeply disappointed with the race, and he called on the leaders of Mercedes to understand why the car was inconsistent.

Lewis knows the high standards he and his team have set in the past and is eager to get to the bottom of the issues plaguing their performance. He believes that open communication and analysis of the car's performance are crucial.

“It didn't feel as disastrous as yesterday,” Hamilton said. “Yesterday I literally had no tyres left, they were worn to zero. I feel like I drove a better race today in terms of managing the tyres to the best of my ability.

But the car, there's moments it works and moments it doesn't, and it's so inconsistent through the lap. So we have to figure out what that is. Then also we are really slow on the straights and at least sliding the car through the corners.

So one to forget but hopefully there's lots of learning from today”.

Lewis Hamilton and his inconsistency

In some races, it's evident that Hamilton has the potential to deliver an amazing performance, showing his incredible skill and determination.

However, there are occasions when he falls far short of his own expectations, and this inconsistency is what frustrates him the most “One thing the car is really unpredictable,” he continued. “In a sense of one weekend it feels good, one session it feels good, and then not.

I'm sure we will go and look at things and find things we should have done differently but with the one session it's difficult. But I'm still proud of the team, they still came here and did their work, they held their head up high and that's what we have to continue to do.

Just keep pushing forward. Two more races with this thing and then hopefully no more driving it”. Source: Crash

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