George Russell disappointed with the race in Sao Paolo

“Clearly we got something wrong this weekend"

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell disappointed with the race in Sao Paolo
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George Russell is not satisfied with the race in Sao Paolo, considering that he believes that his team could have done much more. They were great in Brazil before, but this time the situation was a bit different. Russell believes that they must think carefully about where they make the biggest mistake, and fix things in the next races.

He's convinced that analyzing the data and refining their strategies will be crucial in their quest to regain their previous form and achieve the success they know they're capable of.
“Clearly we got something wrong this weekend, still we’re not too sure what that is as yet, but the pace just hasn’t been there,” Russell said.

“We thought yesterday may have been a one off, but clearly it wasn’t, so we need to regroup and try to understand it because 12 months ago this was our strongest race of the year, 12 months later it’s by far our weakest race of the year, so very strange”.


Mercedes fails to be consistent this season, as there are many things that do not go well for them. Lewis Hamilton also cannot be satisfied with his performances this season, which have been far from his usual high standards.

Despite these challenges, the leaders of Mercedes are determined to remain optimistic and believe that the next season will bring more beautiful stories. They understand that in Formula 1, every season presents its unique set of challenges.

“The car was just slow this weekend. The tyres were sliding around and I think what we were doing was the maximum,” he continued. “Something doesn’t quite add up, you just don’t suddenly lose a second’s worth of performance and go from a podium fighting car to just fighting for points.

We really need to sit down and understand, but clearly a massive one off this week”. Source:

George Russell