Max Verstappen's interesting confession after Sao Paulo


Max Verstappen's interesting confession after Sao Paulo
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Although he emerged victorious from the race in Sao Paolo, Max Verstappen emphasized that the task was much more difficult than some think. The Dutchman "worked hard" and had to be maximally focused in order to win the sprint race.

There is not one lap that I pushed flat out. You can’t, it’s impossible,” -Max Verstappen said. “For 24 laps around here, it’s all about tyre management. It’s just incredibly difficult around here.

Last year we were struggling a lot with that already in the sprint race and that’s why it was a bit careful. Luckily it worked out. The whole race the tyres don’t feel particularly great around here. But with the management we did, I think it worked out and we won the race”.

Max Verstappen: It looked like Lando was catching a bit

Verstappen had a problem competing with Lando Norris. It looked at one point that Norris might win the race. However, Max, like countless times before, showed his mental strength.

He raised his concentration to a higher level, gave his maximum and deservedly won. Even in moments when things are not ideal for him, the Dutchman manages to get the most out of it and achieve victory. That's the best indicator of how great he is.

The Red Bull driver calls for caution. Although he won the championship, his motive is to do the same in every subsequent race.
“Like I said, it’s all about management, and at one point of the race it looked like Lando was catching a bit.

Then I had a better feeling with the car again and I could look after the tyres a bit better and then I could pull away again at the end. So it was close. Tomorrow we have pit stops in the race, so you never know what’s going to happen”.


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