Martin Brundle makes predictions about Sergio Perez's future


Martin Brundle makes predictions about Sergio Perez's future
Martin Brundle makes predictions about Sergio Perez's future © Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

While the prevailing assumption is that Sergio Perez will depart from the Red Bull team in the upcoming season due to his poor performances, there's a potential twist in the story. Martin Brundle is among those who hold the belief that Red Bull may opt to extend an opportunity to the Mexican driver.

“I’ll stand by what I’ve said in the last couple of races,” Brundle said. “I believe Red Bull absolutely want to keep running Perez next year, and will do everything to make that happen." There are obviously special things in the contract that will allow Perez to remain part of the team.

Although the ambitions of this team are significantly greater than what Perez has shown, he will certainly get a new chance and remain part of the currently strongest team. “There is a contract in place and they don’t want to change, for any number of reasons.

That’s what they’re aiming at, at the moment. I have been categorically told - by people who know - that it’s not about finishing second in the championship. He certainly needs to have three solid races or where is he at, in his own head, going forwards? Right now, Perez has the Red Bull seat next year.

No doubt about it”.

Naomi Schiff

Naomi Schiff believes that it will be difficult to predict the development of the situation, given that other teams have promising and quality drivers who can make a difference in the coming seasons.

“It has to be said that, although Max has dominated the season, the race behind Red Bull has been solid Now we’ve got McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari with drivers who are quite close together, in cars that are competitive.

Can Red Bull afford to have a driver who isn’t picking up the points, when next year might be a tighter competition?” Source:

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