Lando Norris angry with his colleagues after the race in Mexico


Lando Norris angry with his colleagues after the race in Mexico
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Lando Norris is not very happy with his form and recent performances. This great F1 driver thinks he could have done a lot more lately. The Mexico City Grand Prix turned out to be a good race for him, and in the end, he finished 5th.

Norris is satisfied with the race in Mexico. However, he believes that individuals must try to change their driving style, considering that he was close to crashing twice. “It was quite an eventful race,” he said.

“I enjoyed the whole thing, apart from my restart. I probably had to avoid a very big crash, just people coming across, not probably realising that people can be three abreast. So I avoided two extremely big crashes which would have been very nasty – so a bit more self-awareness of some drivers would be great”.

But the pace was amazing,”

Lando Norris

Although many did not expect that Lando would have such a great performance, he silenced the critics and showed that he really has the qualities. Norris once again confirmed that he is a great driver.

In the end, he could not hide his happiness, because it seems that even he did not believe that he could really reach the 6th place.
“There was a lot of management involved and already when I came over the line the first time I got told to cool the engine, so we maybe weren’t perfectly set up for these things and I maybe couldn’t push as much as I wanted to at times.

But in the times I could, which was a lot of the second stint, the pace was excellent. To go from 14th, 15th, to have better pace than almost everyone but [Lewis] Hamilton and Max [Verstappen] was very encouraging for us.

As perfect a day as I could probably ask”. Source:

Lando Norris