Sky reporter on Sergio Perez's mentality and poor performance in Mexico


Sky reporter on Sergio Perez's mentality and poor performance in Mexico
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Sergio Perez's desperate performance in Mexico caused a lot of reactions. Many are disappointed with his performance and believe that he should have done better. Sky F1's Craig Slater had an interesting take on Perez's performance.

Slater believes that things could have been much worse for Perez, given that he could have experienced such a fall at the beginning of the season. “It would have been worse had he done it earlier in the season and kind of got himself out of championship contention,” Slater said on the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

"Did he have a lot to lose? Well there’s the seat aspect and that’s another aspect. Does what happens there actually materially affect his prospects of continuing in that race car next year. But in terms of title terms, that had already gone.

He thought he could have finished on the podium, given the pace he exhibited, particularly in qualifying. It was the closest he’d been to Verstappen for quite a while wasn’t it. So in a way he threw away that good result."- he said.

Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton

Daniel Ricciardo had a great race in the AlphaTauri and showed that he is a serious contender for a place at Red Bull. He did not forget to mention Lewis Hamilton, who seems to be going in the right direction.

“And the other aspect to it, is that it’s all happened alongside Daniel Ricciardo out-driving the AlphaTauri, getting ahead of him [Perez] in qualifying and doing so well in the race. It was a lose-lose situation.

But the fact that Lewis Hamilton understood the mentality in the cool down room, to me that showed that it wasn’t so crazy as it first appeared. The consequences were pretty bad, but you can understand the mentality still.

And he has got races left to make up for it”. Source:

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