George Russell on Mercedes and qualifying: It's been so up and down like a yo-yo

"Unfortunately we were down when it mattered"

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell on Mercedes and qualifying: It's been so up and down like a yo-yo
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George Russell cannot be content with his qualifying performance in Mexico. He secured only eighth place in Saturday's qualifying session after facing difficulties on his final lap in Q3. In contrast, Hamilton finished as the sixth-best qualifier.

Following the race, George emphasized that the Mercedes team sought to make several changes but couldn't achieve the desired results.
“We tried something slightly different with the tyres to get a bit more performance and just under hit it, the tyres were too cold and weren’t working.

It’s really frustrating this weekend because it’s been so up and down like a yo-yo. At one point we were the quickest in FP3, Q2 we were first and third and then in Q1, Q3 we were nowhere. I think that goes for most drivers on the grid.

I think there were very few drivers, probably Danny [Ricciardo], who was the most consistent driver throughout that session whereas everyone was up and down. Unfortunately we were down when it mattered”. - Russell said.

George Russell on tires

Russell emphasized that the main culprit is not the car, but the tires. It is a pity that Mercedes fails to achieve its goals, but it is obvious that their decisions are often wrong. It is necessary for their team to make the right decisions if they really want to be successful.

“It’s not really down to the car because if you take qualifying as an example.The car doesn't change at all, the only thing that changes is how the tyre interacts with the temperature, the out lap, a bit of traffic on your out lap.

It just transforms it. It’s really frustrating when it’s like that. At the end of the day we got it wrong, others got it right so we can’t be throwing our toys out of the pram but it’s a real shame as we had high expectations for this weekend”.


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