Lewis Hamilton: One person inside Red Bull was not of much help to Sergio Perez


Lewis Hamilton: One person inside Red Bull was not of much help to Sergio Perez
Lewis Hamilton: One person inside Red Bull was not of much help to Sergio Perez © Clive Rose / Getty Images Sport

Before the Mexico GP, Lewis Hamilton spoke about Sergio Perez's performances this season, as well as the fact that the Mexican is under enormous pressure. Such pressure can hardly bring him anything good, but it is necessary for him to learn to deal with it.

Hamilton thinks that it is commendable considering that Perez gets a lot of support from the crowd. On the other hand, the Brit believes that it is unacceptable for individuals within the Red Bull team (one specific person) to publicly criticize Perez.

"As a driver I understand the psychological and mental pressures weigh so heavily on you, it’s hard to explain and to put into words. I think he has amazing support around him and I think he’s carried himself really well.

I don’t think his team has been massively supportive of him, I wouldn’t say team, because there’s a lot of people, but one particular spokesperson has not been great in helping psychologically. "- Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton on Sergio Perez

Hamilton decided to 'put himself in Perez' shoes', and he thinks it would be really difficult. Sergio Perez started the season furiously. It looked like he might become the new champion. However, his form began to decline, and with that, the pressure only increased.

“If I heard Toto talking negatively about me on the weekends, it would be quite tough. It’s a difficult environment for him, but I think he’s dealt with it to the best of his ability. I was so excited for him at the beginning of the year because he was driving so well.

At one point I think he was in the lead of the championship and I was like ‘ah shoot, we finally got the best of Checo’. " Perez will have a chance to fix things in his country. It won't be easy, but we know that Sergio has qualities and that he can excel when needed.

“But it’s a really long year, a really long season. It’s the most demanding sport I think that there is. The best thing about Checo is that he keeps getting up and trying. One thing for sure is that Mexico is going to show up for him this weekend.

When I am at Silverstone, it gives you an extra bit of time. So I have no doubt he’ll have that”. Source: Crash.net

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