Lewis Hamilton Reflects on Lessons from Austin Race


Lewis Hamilton Reflects on Lessons from Austin Race
Lewis Hamilton Reflects on Lessons from Austin Race © Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton was satisfied with his performance at the US GP. The Briton looked completely different from what we are used to this season. He seemed close to winning. However, Red Bull is a level above everyone else this season.

Max Verstappen 'stepped up' and won. Before the Mexico GP, Hamilton spoke to reporters and revealed what he learned from Mercedes' last race. “I think the only places that we are probably on a level with them is in the low speed,” Hamilton said.

“Our car has generally been good in low speed over the past couple years. But the higher the speed you go, the more the separation of them. That's why you see them so quick at places like Suzuka. It was a good experience, it's always a good experience to be behind them.

Because you can see firsthand where the car is stronger. They can get on the power earlier than most of us. The car moves a lot less, the degradation of the rear tyres is much, much easier to manage. I've been in that position before, where I've had a much more stable rear end."- Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamilton on Red Bull's advantages

Hamilton emphasized that Red Bull has many advantages over them. The fact that Max Verstappen gets out of the car without even breaking a sweat speaks volumes. The only thing left for Lewis Hamilton is to hope that things could improve in the coming period.

It's hard to be an optimist when things aren't going well for you, but sometimes you need to be that way. The Briton has huge expectations for the next season. “It's so much easier to keep the temperatures lower on the tyre and go longer.

They've just done a better job in that space where they have a more stable platform to which it's much, much easier to drive for Max. So that's why, when you see him get out the car, he is not even sweating! He generally isn't sweating”.

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