Lewis Hamilton: The other F1 cars were illegal, but nobody checked them


Lewis Hamilton: The other F1 cars were illegal, but nobody checked them
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Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were disqualified from the race in the US after excessive plank wear was found on their cars. Lewis Hamilton is not happy with this decision, as he believes that many others should have been disqualified.

“They only tested a few cars and 50 percent of them got disqualified. There were far more drivers’ cars that were illegal. The skid is not a performance element. Of course, if you have a flat surface everyone is going to be pushing their car to be as low as possible." Hamilton explained his team's decisions and expressed satisfaction with the race in the US.

Indeed, his team looked great, and it looked like they could win. In a deceptive season for them, the US was an indication that Mercedes could be headed in the right direction. We all know the direction they want to go; Heading towards winning the championship!

“Some cars handle the bumps better than others and we know we’ve had a very stiff and bumpy car for the last two years. But ultimately it failed the regulation and that needs to change. The sport had such an amazing weekend, it was such a great turnout and such a great race.

Every time we take steps forward in the sport, something like that really taints it. "

Lewis Hamilton: Hopefully they’ll learn a little bit for the future

Lewis is not satisfied with the decisions of the F1 chiefs, but he hopes that his team will correct their mistakes and that similar situations will not happen.

So hopefully they’ll learn a little bit for the future, rather than checking everybody and over 50 percent of the cars failing, which, I would put all my money on it that they would have. Instead, perhaps on a sprint weekend we should be able to change just the skid, for example, on the Saturday night.

So on Sunday you don’t have this ridiculous kind of event afterwards”. Source: Crash.net

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