Toto Wolff on the positives and negatives of the Austin race


Toto Wolff on the positives and negatives of the Austin race
Toto Wolff on the positives and negatives of the Austin race © Getty Images Sport

Mercedes was unlucky the previous weekend in Austin. Although Lewis Hamilton had the necessary speed and looked great, he was ultimately disqualified. Hamilton finished the race in second place, and was even close to victory.

However, Mercedes broke the rules because the plank underneath his car had worn too much. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff expressed mixed emotions in a media interview. On the one hand, Wolff is happy because they have obviously improved and shown quality.

On the other hand, they failed to capitalize on their chances. “Austin was a weekend of mixed feelings. The positives are that the upgrade looks to have given us a step forward in terms of performance. Our pace was strong all weekend and it was encouraging to be in the fight for victory.

The negative was of course failing to capitalise on our pace with the result. Losing a podium finish hurts and is not a position we want to find ourselves in. The complexities of a sprint weekend and a bumpy circuit caught us out.

But rules are rules. We will learn from this and improve. Now we move on to the next race."- Wolff said.

Mexico race

Mexico will be an exciting race from which Toto Wolff has huge expectations. It will be a great test for Mercedes to see how much they can do at this point.

The fact is that Mercedes has made progress. However, the question is how consistent they can be at this moment, and whether Austin can really be a prediction for great things in the future. "Mexico is always an exciting weekend.

The fans are super passionate and energetic. The venue also presents a unique challenge with the high altitude. It has a major impact on how we operate the car, and it is always a challenge to find the optimum solution. It will also be a good test of our upgrade package; seeing how it performs at a circuit with very different characteristics.

That will be useful for our continued learning and development for W15”. Source:

Toto Wolff