Renault is ready for qualifications in Bahrain

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Renault is ready for qualifications in Bahrain

Renault drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon expect very challenging qualifiers in which even the slightest mistake will lead to the loss of several positions, and a short track will lead to big crowds in the preparation of qualifying rounds.

For the first time in the history of Formula 1, drivers will ride on two consecutive races on the same track, but with different configurations, unlike the double races in Austria and England earlier this season that was run on the same track.

The outer track of the Bahrain International Circuit is almost two kilometers shorter than the track used last weekend and uses the first three and last two turns from that version, but the second sector on the outer loop lasts significantly shorter which means times significantly below one minute are expected.

Shortest track

The external configuration of the 3543 m long track will be the shortest track in this year’s calendar, and only Monaco would have been shorter had it not been canceled due to the corona-virus pandemic (3337 m).

A total of 87 laps will be driven, the most this season. "It will make the qualifications extremely challenging because the drivers will be squeezed in the exit lap, we see that every time in the qualifications in Monaco.

It all comes down to putting together a perfect circle, and one small mistake can mean losing several positions, so there will be no room for mistakes. ” "Our goal is to win double points, but we have to be better than last weekend when we finished seventh and ninth.

We couldn't find the speed on Sunday, but we'll see if the lower levels of downforce make any difference. " Ocon has agreed with Ricciard about qualifying but is looking forward to being able to overtake even more easily on this track.

“I think it will be especially difficult in the qualifiers, if you put all the cars on the track at the same time there will be very small gaps between them and it will be important to find the gap and find the lee at the same time,” Ocon said.

"The long version of the track is already one of the easiest to overtake, and this one could be even better." “I tried the track in a simulator and it looks challenging even though it’s short. It is different from the rest of the track due to the high curbs and is very uneven, and it probably has a lower level of grip on this new part that connects turns 4 and 13 on the normal track."