FIA allowed Alonso to take part in a test of young drivers

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FIA allowed Alonso to take part in a test of young drivers

Fernando Alonso will still compete in the test for young drivers after the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi, although he is not officially qualified to compete because he has more than two F1 races in his career, the FIA ​​has decided to make an exception for drivers who did not compete in Formula 1 2020.

Alonso announced his return to Renault after a series of events began with Vettel’s departure from Ferrari that prompted Sainz’s departure from McLaren to Ferrari, and Ricciardo soon confirmed his move from Renault to McLaren.

Renault immediately turned to Alonso, who after a two-year break outside Formula 1 is hungry for racing in the highest category. He believes that Renault's F1 project is promising and expects better results in 2021 due to the new rules Renault has been trying for some time to push Alonso into the test of young drivers with current F1 cars, but the problem is that the test is intended for young drivers with a maximum of two driven F1 races.


After several meetings, some teams, most notably McLaren, Ferrari, and Racing Point, were against Alonso's participation in the test, but after today's meeting of sports directors in Bahrain, FIA racing director Michael Masi confirmed that the test is now open to all drivers who did not race in F1 2020.

The decision allegedly came from FIA President Jean Todt using the phrase ‘unless the FIA ​​approves otherwise’, reports Autosport. Red Bull should take the opportunity to put Buemi in their RB16, and Kubica should drive Alfa Romeo, regardless of the fact that both drivers have more than two F1 races.

Jack Aitken, who will make his debut in Formula 1 next race in Bahrain instead of Russell in Williams, should drive for the same team and on the test of young drivers. McLaren, Racing Point, and Ferrari will have new drivers next year (Ricciardo, Vettel, and Sainz), but will not be able to use them already in this test due to the contracts they have with their current teams.

It is certain that we are all looking forward to next season to see if some things will change with the arrival of the new rules. But it will also be interesting how the new drivers will cope and whether Alonso can show that he can still drive.