Lewis Hamilton happy, but also cautious: The rest of the car is exactly the same


Lewis Hamilton happy, but also cautious: The rest of the car is exactly the same
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Mercedes has introduced a completely redesigned floor for this weekend's race in Austin. This caused optimism among Mercedes fans, especially Lewis Hamilton. Following a great third-place finish in the qualifying session for Sunday's United States Grand Prix, Hamilton was delighted.

He is happy that everyone has done their best to help Mercedes stay as close as possible to their rivals. “A good session for us. Really grateful for the improvements that the team has made with the car. Everyone’s worked so hard to bring some upgrades and for us to be this close to McLaren and Ferrari and even the Red Bulls, I think it's a showing of just how hard everyone's worked.

The car feels almost the same, it’s just levelled up in pretty much everywhere”. - Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net!

Lewis Hamilton wants his team to improve

Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, does not want to be too optimistic.

He is aware that much more effort, work, and analysis is necessary. Mercedes wants to go in the right direction, and on their way, they try to determine where they made the biggest mistakes. “I don't know really if it's a signifier of anything for next year.

As we continue to experiment, we get more and more knowledge of where we're going, where we're routing, the flow of the car. The floor is not a huge amount different. There’s always hype when someone brings an upgrade, but the rest of the car is exactly the same and there's lots and lots of areas in which we can improve." The Briton is positive considering that these changes have obviously turned out to be great.

The next period will tell a lot. Mercedes wants to fix things as soon as possible and be the leader in F1 again. “But this is an improvement. This is one of the first upgrades that I've actually felt over the last two years.

So that's a positive and we just need two, or three times of this step, to put us in a super competitive mode, of which I believe the guys can do”.

Lewis Hamilton