Sergio Perez in a difficult situation: Daniel Ricciardo could succeed him


Sergio Perez in a difficult situation: Daniel Ricciardo could succeed him
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Although Sergio Perez is trying to be optimistic and insists that his contract lasts for the next season, it seems that the pressure has never been this great. The Mexican is in a big problem, given that his form is far from his level.

Daniel Ricciardo could be the one to succeed Perez, and we still have to wait. Martin Brundle believes that the next races will be crucial for Perez. "He has a contract. Perez and Red Bull want exactly the same thing - for him to refind his form and, if he can’t beat Max, at least deliver some solid second-places and second place in the championship.

Red Bull can’t take a passenger into 2024 if he’s not on form. I can’t imagine Sergio would want to drive it, either. These next few races are critical for his head. And for Red Bull to be satisfied that he’s not lost his way, and he can do this”.

-Martin Brudle said, as quoted by!

Jenson Button

Jenson Button, once a great F1 driver, gave his opinion on Perez and the fact that Ricciardo could succeed him. Although it seemed a year ago that Ricciardo had no chance of becoming the new Red Bull driver, things changed quickly.

“A year ago, I would have said no. Because of the way that he left Red Bull. They probably weren’t too happy with the way that it happened. His accountant was very happy with what’s happened in the past few years!

He’s a real racer and wants to be fighting at the front. He didn’t feel the atmosphere was right for him, alongside Max. Now he does, suddenly! I think there is a possibility, yes." Buton believes Ricciardo could succeed the Mexican.

Daniel seems to have regained the confidence that was necessary for a driver of his qualities. “In terms of confidence, he has so much now. He’s proven that he’s quick against his teammate. That’s a big step to getting into the Red Bull seat.

Also, if Checo isn’t close enough to Max when they’re in a car that doesn’t have the advantages that they do now, they need someone that can pull in those big points. That is Ricciardo”.

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