Verstappen: People talk nonsense, the situation in the team is at the highest level


Verstappen: People talk nonsense, the situation in the team is at the highest level
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Red Bull's star driver, Max Verstappen, has weighed in on the recent speculation surrounding the future of the team's director, Christian Horner, and their advisor, Helmut Marko. With the highly anticipated US race on the horizon, rumors had circulated that Horner was pushing for Marko's departure from the team, citing differences on various matters.

However, it's worth noting that Red Bull had just secured the Constructors' Championship, while Verstappen had clinched his third consecutive Drivers' Championship, making them the team to beat in Formula 1. Helmut Marko plays a pivotal role in shaping the driver lineup, not only for Red Bull Racing but also for their junior team, Scuderia Alpha Tauri.

His contract with the team is set to expire at the end of 2024, and Marko has made it clear that the decision to leave the team rests with him, not Horner. Verstappen, who is at the heart of Red Bull's recent successes, voiced his strong belief that a winning team should remain intact.

When questioned by Sky about whether the potential departures of Horner or Marko could impact his own future with the team, Verstappen confidently stated: "That's why they don't leave. Everyone remains in exactly the same role.

There was never any discussion about that. It is very important when you are doing well, and the team is doing very well, that you retain the people who are very important to success. Everyone knows that. As far as we were concerned, it was always clear.

I don't know why people outside the team try to doubt that. It is clear that it should stay that way". "People talk nonsense because the mood in the team is very good. Everyone knows their role well. It was sad last year when Dietrich died, but we are trying to preserve his legacy and move forward, and everyone who is now in the team is very important to the success we have achieved. That's why there will be no changes in the future" - said Verstappen.