George Russell on Mercedes changes: We're not expecting it to change the world


George Russell on Mercedes changes: We're not expecting it to change the world
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Mercedes' new floor causes huge expectations from the fans of this team, but it seems not the drivers as well. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton failed to impose their pace this season and show the form of previous seasons.

Mercedes is in huge trouble, but it is clear that they want to go in the right direction. George Russell commented on the new floor and revealed what he expects from everything; “It’s the last big one. Altogether, full focus is on ’24 back at the factory and in the windtunnel and the design office.

This is a small step in that direction. We’re not expecting it to change the world. I think the things we’ve got lined up for next season should have a much greater impact than this weekend”. - George Russell said, as quoted by!

George Russell responded to a reporter's question; Will this upgrade go in the same direction as when Red Bull did the same thing; “No, I wouldn’t say so. Of course that’s what you are hoping for [to be as quick as the Red Bull].

The thing is in F1 when you bring an update, this is work that was created eight weeks ago. Because from the time of putting it in the windtunnel, understanding what you want, then you go to manufacturing, then get it actually to the car, it’s a long process of work.

But we’ve made some interesting finds recently. " George is optimistic about the next season. Mercedes has announced big things. Looking at this season, it is evident that they had to think carefully about what to do next season.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work on the simulator, two days last week, developing, straight after Qatar and I think we’re going in a right direction for next season”.

Lewis Hamilton and his expectations

Lewis Hamilton is obviously more optimistic than Russell.

The Brit hopes that Mercedes' changes could affect the outcome of the next race. Lewis tries to be optimistic week by week. He has high hopes for his team.
“It’s been a huge amount of work at the factory, this is our last big update.

I’m really excited to see how it feels. The amazing people at the factory worked hard all season. Hopefully it tips the needle a little and helps us in the direction that we want to pursue next year. I don’t know in which parts of the circuit I will feel it, but hopefully it’s a global improvement and hopefully it puts us a little bit closer to the guys ahead”.

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