Nico Rosberg: George Russell can’t just be the nice guy in that situation

Nico Rosberg believes that Russell must have an attitude

by Sead Dedovic
Nico Rosberg: George Russell can’t just be the nice guy in that situation
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Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the crash between Russell and Hamilton. Although both of them stressed that things between them are okay and that this will not be a problem, many believe that behind the cameras it is a different thing.

Nico Rosberg, the legendary F1 driver, gave his opinion in an interview with the media. Rosberg believes that there is a tense situation within Mercedes. In addition, he is not satisfied with Russell's attitude in these situations.

“Things have been heating up there, because also in Suzuka it was like well over the limit on one occasion when they both took each other off the track,” Rosberg said on the Sky Sports F1 podcast, as quoted by!

“So it’s interesting to follow. I hope that Toto is managing that carefully, because you’ve got to be ahead of the curve there and not let that spiral. It’s a very difficult situation for George as well, because, unfortunately, you can’t just be the nice guy in that situation.

You have to also internally keep the pressure on. You have to make it difficult for the team. Unfortunately it sucks but otherwise the team is just going to take the easiest route. So it’s very uncomfortable because George needs to be pushing, which he does on the radio, you hear him saying ‘again’ and things like that.

He’s really trying to hold against it”.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has decided to admit that he is guilty. Many believe that the British is the main culprit. Rosberg stressed that this will be an important thing for Russell.

“It was a good one now in Qatar for George because Lewis actually admitted, so that was a big win for George in that sense, also internally,” he continued. “Which is very rare, because in my time, Lewis never had 100 percent at fault, so he never actually had to admit in that way.

It is very, very rare for Lewis to be 100 percent at fault like that. It usually never happens. To be watched! It’s an interesting battle and dynamic that's opening up there”.

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