Grosjean was against the introduction of halo in F1 and now halo has saved his life

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Grosjean was against the introduction of halo in F1 and now halo has saved his life

Romain Grosjean said a little over three years ago that the day they made the decision to use halo protection in F1 2018 was a ‘sad day for Formula 1’, and in yesterday’s race the same system literally saved his life.

The FIA ​​has been pushing with the introduction of driver head protection for several years, and in 2018, halo protection was finally introduced although many drivers and teams opposed it. Halo protection was supposed to be introduced back in 2017, but was postponed to find an alternative, more visually acceptable solution.

However, as no solution was found, the FIA ​​decided to introduce a halo system for 2018, explaining that this is the best solution. “Personally, I think it’s a sad day for Formula 1, the day they announced we were going to use a halo,” Grosjean said in late July 2017.

"I'm still against it and I don't think it has a place in Formula 1." "As a member and director of the GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers Association] and driver, I have to thank the FIA ​​for all the research because the research was pretty serious, and the halo is a powerful device in many cases."


“But there are also situations where it can make things worse, which I don’t like, and there are a few issues we didn’t think about. Seeing the lights at the start, no one tried it, and the lights are always set up differently.

See the flags on the side, things like that. ” "The GPDA will not tell the FIA ​​what to do and what not to do when it comes to security. But we do not support the hello, but the fact that the FIA ​​is trying to make cars safer.

” “We don’t want to stop security research because it’s great, and since 1995, evolution has been great. But we hope to find better solutions than we have now. ” "I guess you get used to everything, but I hope it won't be as bad as in Brazil because it was pretty bad for me."

"You're trying to focus on something that's constantly in front of you, in the middle… I don't know, my eyes were closing, it was weird." Grosjean called from the hospital after the severe accident and thanked that halo protection was introduced as mandatory and admitted that he was not in favor of it at the beginning, but that he saved his life in yesterday's accident.