Sebastian Vettel is furious about the situation with Leclerc

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Sebastian Vettel is furious about the situation with Leclerc

After a fairytale podium at the Turkish Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel returned to Bahrain to perform as he has for most of this season. He seemed very helpless and won 13th place. In his defense, Ferrari generally performed very poorly on the Sakhir track and was nowhere near fighting the teams competing for third place in the constructors' standings - McLaren, Racing Point and Renault.

Vettel even stayed behind George Russell in Williams. The German was very angry with the situation that occurred during the restart of the race, after the severe accident of Romain Grosjean. The German started tenth, with Charles Leclerc in line behind him.

On the approach to the first turn, the Monegasque driver released himself somewhat more aggressively and earned a position at the expense of a teammate, who immediately complained via radio, mentioning a race in Austria earlier this year when they both had to give up due to a collision in a similar situation.

Sebastian Vettel on a collision situation

Vettel can't believe what happened and seems to be quite angry about such a situation that affected the final order "Well, he can't do that, like I'm not there.

Same thing as in Austria, seriously. I should have collided with him this time, maybe that would have been a better option, ”Sebastian told his racing engineer. "We talk all morning about leaving space, and then he enters the smallest space that doesn't exist."

You can see the situation here. After the race, Seb was calmer, but very dissatisfied with the result and behavior of the car, especially on the harder tire mixture he used in the first part of the race. “I took extra care of Charles, who in my opinion may have been a little ruthless, and my fight was probably already lost there.

It cost me to push me away like that. I took care of the other cars and that compromised my position, I fell in the standings, ”says Vettel. Leclerc drove a bit faster, but in the end won only tenth place and one point thanks to the late resignation of Sergio Perez.

The first weekend in Bahrain for Ferrari was a return to reality, after their ambitions seriously increased due to a good race in Turkey. The fight for the third place of the constructor remains only a dream, which lasted a very short time.