Sebastian Vettel doesn't rule out the option of returning to F1


Sebastian Vettel doesn't rule out the option of returning to F1
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Sebastian Vettel is a man who left a huge mark on the F1 scene. His qualities were clear from the very beginning of his career. This German made a lot of success in his career, but at one point he realized that it was time to end his career.

Many were sad about it. However, lately, there has been a lot of talk about his return. Vettel recently confirmed in a press conference that he does not rule out the option of returning.
"You can never rule it out, but at some point the time will be over,” Vettel told the German Press Agency, as quoted by!

“My age was not the issue and it was my decision to draw the line. But I didn't pull it to pick it up a year later. I have the privilege of spending more time with my family and children, that's a priority. Just as I have rediscovered the world in recent years, Formula 1, as big as it may be, has become smaller and smaller."

Sebastian Vettel

Many are wondering what plans Vettel has for the future.

He is currently enjoying spending time with his family. After retiring, Vettel created a totally different image of the F1 scene. It seems that F1 played a secondary role for him at that moment. The German clearly missed spending time with his family.

"I'm curious about that myself. But that was exactly my intention: not to take on the next task directly or to get into the next cockpit and first get to know the side of me that can try everything and has time. I haven't had that in the past.

I live in a phase where you can feel yourself a little differently, discover yourself. At the same time, I really enjoy spending time with my family. That's why I can't give this dream answer about what will be in the future.

"- he continued. The German has many things that have bothered him throughout his career and after retirement. “All the things that have been bothering me in the last few years will continue to bother me in the future and it could maybe go in that direction," he said.

Sebastian Vettel