Extended contract: Until 2025, we will watch Formula 1 on the most dangerous track

The Belgian Grand Prix is still on the Formula 1 calendar

by Sededin Dedovic
Extended contract: Until 2025, we will watch Formula 1 on the most dangerous track
© Francois Nel / Getty Images

Anyone who loves Formula 1 must have heard about the Spa-Francorchamps track, one of the most famous and popular tracks for over 70 years. The race for the Belgian Grand Prix at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps track will remain on the Formula 1 calendar until 2025, the organizers announced today after a one-year extension of cooperation.

In addition to the Formula 1 public, we are sure that the drivers are very happy because this is their favorite track. The Spa-Francorchamps circuit, very popular with drivers and fans, is the longest circuit in Formula 1 and has been on the calendar since the first world championship in 1950.

Some of the most famous and biggest races have been held on this track. Many generations of drivers have trained and driven on this track, and it is interesting that this track has only been changed a couple of times. So far, 56 Formula 1 races have been held on this track, some of which are certainly historic races that will never be forgotten.

-"Spa is synonymous with Formula 1 because it is one of the tracks from our first season and is a favorite of fans and drivers, so I am glad that we are extending our partnership until 2025" said Stefano Domenicali, the first man of Formula 1.

A very dangerous track, and yet the most loved by drivers and the Formula 1 audience

This year, a little better marketing was done for the Belgian grand prize and it was noticed that the organizers made a lot of effort.

It paid off as this year's Belgian Grand Prix was attended by 380,000 people, an increase of 20,000 compared to the 2022 edition. Reigning champion Max Verstappen, who won this year's race, called Spa Francorchamps his favorite Formula 1 circuit.

Over many years, some of the best drivers of all time have often stated that they can't wait to race on this track and that it is their favorite. What has often caused concern on this track is safety, especially when it rains and visibility is very poor, but there have not been many accidents on this track, although there have been some and even some drivers have died.

It's a bit ungrateful to say, but it gives excitement to both the drivers and the audience, so this race is watched with great attention. A few days before this year's Formula 1 race, the young Dutchman Dilano vant Hoff died during a race within the Regional Formula European Championship. Four years earlier, the Frenchman Antoine Iber also died in the Formula 2 race.