Max Verstappen on retirement and what factors will determine his decision


Max Verstappen on retirement and what factors will determine his decision
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Many are wondering how long Max Verstappen will be part of F1, and whether he plans to retire soon. This great Dutchman has emphasized many times so far that he plans to retire early. However, in an interview with the media, he confirmed that it will depend on several factors.

Verstappen is aware that he is young and that he still has a lot to achieve in the coming period. "Depends a lot also on the package, right? That's how Formula 1 works. Personally, I'm still young even though I'm already in F1 for a while.

Definitely, I have quite a few more years in me to be able to operate at my best. But yeah, we'll see how long that is. To be honest, I think it's more about how long I want to be here. That's different."- he said, as quoted by Red Bull has absolute dominance this season.

Max Verstappen has already confirmed his third championship in a row. Ambitions are to continue like this in the coming period. The Dutchman emphasizes that Red Bull will probably not have eternal dominance. However, as long as they are in the fight for the top, Max has no doubts that he will remain a part of Red Bull and the F1 scene.

"Depends how far back on the grid. I know there will be a time when you're not winning but, yeah, probably when you're driving P15, maybe not. But if you're still fighting up front, trying to win races and you have this prospect of coming back to the top, for sure."

Christian Horner on Max's future

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is not optimistic that Max Verstappen will have a long career at Red Bull.

"Will Max be in Formula 1 for a long, long time? I don't think so. He has ambitions beyond F1 and beyond racing. And at 26, 36 seems a long way away. We have a long-term agreement with him until 2028, and he has always said he will be happy to start and end his career here, but motivation will be a crucial factor."

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