Vettel found a new team?

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Vettel found a new team?

When he arrived at Ferrari from Red Bull in 2015 as a four-time Formula 1 champion, it was believed that Sebastian Vettel would break all possible records. But half a decade later, apart from a huge salary, the German did little in the giant from Maranello, failing to fit into the obviously oversized shoes of his legendary compatriot, Michael Schumacher.

Many already know that the parting of Ferrari and Seba will take place at the end of the season, but it is not known where he could possibly continue after that.

Although, he does not have a weak option of retiring as one of the richest athletes on the planet, which he himself stated.

Although Vettel's eventual return to Red Bull has been talked about so far, that option is practically impossible, but it seems that a potential team has been found for him.

It is Racing Point, the successor of the once-famous Jordan, known for its yellow cars and the sexiest hostesses, who thus returned to the big stage last season. "It's nice to hear that Vettel is interested in us.

As far as our side is concerned, how can we not show interest in the four-time champion," said the first man of the Silverstone-based team, Otmar Safnauer, as quoted by mozzartsport This news is not surprising, considering that one of the main financiers of the team is the father of one of the two from the current first line-up of drivers, Lance Stroll.

This young Canadian of Jewish origin is the son of billionaire Lawrence Stroll, who is helping his career. With the arrival of Vettel Strol, the junior would get a top teacher and protector, and the rich dad will certainly not spare to help the team "fix" the budget for the salary of the German ace.

The other driver of the team has already blossomed, 30-year-old Mexican Sergio Perez, who would probably lose his place in the first team in the event of Vettel's arrival, even though his contract binds him for the next season as well.

Next season, Racing Point will be rebranded to Aston Martin, which will give the whole story special weight because the British giant returns it to Formula 1 after two seasons of participation many, many years ago - 1959 and 1969.

Project with Aston Martin

"That project with Aston Martin doesn't sound bad at all and it could prove to be very successful. I'm not in the team, I don't know the details, but I know that in this sport you have to look far ahead, and that tells me that Racing Point is on a very interesting team ", Vettel is clear.

Racing Point, powered by Mercedes engines, collected 40 points after the first three races of this broken Formula 1 championship, holding the fourth place in the general
classification of constructors, right in front of Ferrari with 27.