Helmut Marko: Sergio Perez needs a change of climate and team


Helmut Marko: Sergio Perez needs a change of climate and team
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Helmut Marko has repeatedly emphasized the need for Sergio Perez to improve his performance. However, the Mexican driver continues to struggle to meet the team's expectations. Consequently, there is growing speculation about his potential departure from the team.

Marko's statements do not inspire confidence that Perez will remain a part of the team in the future.
“[Our relationship is] very good. He gave me massive support as did Max [Verstappen], by the way, who gave a few people a piece of his mind,” Marko said, as quoted by crash.net!

“You must not forget: I brought Perez into the team back then. But that’s simply the fate with Verstappen that he’s suffering now. That was already the case with Gasly. From that point of view, Berger’s statement is the right one.

Perez needs a change of climate and team. Now we’ll see how the next two races go. But the team and he are aware that he is in a crisis”.

Sergio Perez

Second place in the drivers' championship is now in question for Perez.

Lewis Hamilton has a chance to overtake him. However, Marko encouraged many times that the team would always be with the Mexican. Their goal is not to put pressure on Perez, nor to kill his motivation. Support is what he currently lacks.

Having Verstappen as a teammate can be a very difficult challenge, given that many have higher expectations of you. “Without the crash [in Qatar] Hamilton would have made up 10, 15 points again,” he said. “Checo just has to do the best he can without looking at Verstappen.

We are trying to help him do that. You see, there is no criticism from the team, only help. Maybe it will work." Regardless of the support that Marko talks about, his previous statements speak in favor of the fact that Perez could leave the team. However, we will wait until the end of the season and see what happens.

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