Carlos Sainz: There is one team that can compete with Red Bull next season


Carlos Sainz: There is one team that can compete with Red Bull next season
Carlos Sainz: There is one team that can compete with Red Bull next season © Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

Red Bull silenced everyone this season and presented absolute dominance. Many are asking the question of whether Red Bull can continue at the same pace for years ahead, more precisely next season. If we judge by the words of Carlos Sainz, Red Bull will have a dangerous rival, Ferrari!

Sainz believes that they are the only team that can create problems for the Austrian team in 2024. Carlos has always been an optimist, and he has no plans to change his mentality. "I am always optimistic before the season starts," -Sainz said, as quoted by!

"I was also optimistic last year and we stumbled. You have to be. I think that if you look at the last two years, the only ones who have been able to stand up to Red Bull a little have been the Ferrari, in the first half of last year and now with the victory in Singapore and the podium in Monza.

Since there are these new regulations Red Bull is unbeatable, but if there is someone who can win from time to time to Red Bull, it's us. I think I'm in the best place to try again next year but there are still six races left and we still have to focus on what we can improve to arrive prepared."

Fred Vasseur reacts

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari team principal emphasized that Ferrari understood their shortcomings, and they intend to change that in the next season.

Vasseur emphasized that his team has clear goals for the next season. Red Bull could fight for the very top with Ferrari. However, it is too early to make such predictions, given that mistakes are often made. "We know exactly what we are missing," he said.

"We have been able to understand and identify it. Another thing is the reaction capacity we have to put everything in the car from race one next year. I think that if there is someone capable of doing it [challenging Red Bull], that is Ferrari.

Especially if we have clear objectives and know which direction to go in, if there is any team that has the capacity to react, as has been seen in the past, that is Ferrari. Time will tell."

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