Lewis Hamilton: "The pressure is huge but I feel free on the track"

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Lewis Hamilton: "The pressure is huge but I feel free on the track"

Lewis Hamilton says that he felt so ‘pure-minded’ this weekend and that he wanted to have a good time in the car, and he believes that winning the title helped him to break free even more and drive the lap that brought him another pole position.

Hamilton was the fastest in the first two training sessions and in all three qualifying segments at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and although Bottas raised the level of his ride and drove a very good last lap the current world champion was almost three tenths faster.

10th pole position

For Hamiton, this was the tenth pole position this season in 15 weekends and 98th in his career, which is 30 more than Michael Schumacher, and if he wins pole position in the last two races, he will have a round 100.

Hamilton was surprised by the numbers and was surprised to learn that he had reached the 98 pole position. Hamilton has been feeling well in recent months and has found a rhythm that has helped him achieve success “Wow, 98 pole positions,” Hamilton said after qualifying.

"There's always more time you can find, places where you can improve, but it was a really clean circle on my part." "I don't know why, but I had such a clear mind this weekend. I just wanted to have fun and that was the most important thing to me.

I've been doing this for a long time, but I still love the challenge, trying to understand the tires, fine-tuning the car. ” Although he has secured the titles he is still eager to prove himself and does not intend to give up the titles in the future "I love what I do and I feel that I can constantly improve.

And you can see that it's not just me, but everyone in the garage enjoys their job. ” "The pressure of the title fight is huge, but securing both titles gives me a sense of freedom to get out on the track and drive like I drove today."

"This is a continuation of the special things we accomplish as a team, from weekend to weekend these people continue to delight me." "No matter what challenges we face, we always meet expectations."

"It's important for me to use the last three races to learn as much as possible and carry that over to next season."