Helmut Marko's recent remarks might be a cause for concern for Sergio Perez


Helmut Marko's recent remarks might be a cause for concern for Sergio Perez
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There is growing concern about Sergio Perez and his future in Formula 1. Based on the comments from the head of Mercedes, it appears that Perez may not have a promising future in the sport. Perez's current contract extends until 2024, but the lingering question is whether he will be given another chance.

His recent performance is falling short of Mercedes' expectations for a driver. Helmut Marko, during his conversation with ORF, was tight-lipped and didn't reveal much about the situation. "We have a contract and we want to fulfil it."- Marko said, as quoted by grandprix.com "We have three drivers in Alpha Tauri and (Liam) Lawson is the reserve driver of the four cars.

Many things can happen in that, but although not particularly related to Perez, it is logical that sooner or later Lawson will have a seat in F1." Helmut Marko discussed the current options available to Red Bull, including Liam Lawson as one of the potential candidates.

Statements like these may raise concerns for Sergio Perez. He might be understandably concerned by such statements "It's not working with Perez at the moment. I hope we can save second place."- he continued.

Helmut Marko: Checo has to deliver now

Marko emphasized his expectations for Perez, who currently finds himself in a challenging position.

The talented Mexican driver will need to step up significantly if he intends to secure his place at Red Bull. While it may seem like it's late for certain improvements, we'll have to wait and see. "Checo has to deliver now," said Marko.

"Now that McLaren has two such strong drivers at the wheel, his performance becomes critical. For a while, Perez's position looked quite comfortable, but now the lead is disappearing like snow in the sun"- he concluded. Red Bull is once again demonstrating their ambitions: they are seeking a driver who can challenge Max for the title.

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