Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton received a large fine for walking on the track

Lewis Hamilton will bear the consequences of the incident at the Qatar GP

by Sededin Dedovic
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton received a large fine for walking on the track
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A very interesting but also dangerous situation happened at Formula 1 during the Qatar Grand Prix. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton will have to pay a fine for the incident at the last race in Formula 1 at the Lusail circuit.

The fine is not small at all, but it is deserved because the safety of the drivers should be taken into account, which is much more important than the result. A British driver has been fined €50,000 for getting out of his car and walking on the track after colliding with George Russell at the Qatar Grand Prix.

A really interesting situation that cast a shadow on the race itself.

A big incident happened at the Qatar Grand Prix, but everything passed without major consequences

After the seven-time world champion Hamilton was eliminated from the race in the first lap, he got out of the car and ran towards the Mercedes pit.

It is certain that Hamilton was also aware of the rules in Formula 1, so he himself expected a punishment. However, he will not have to pay the entire fine. Hamilton will have to pay half of the fine himself, while the other part is a suspended sentence valid until the end of the season.

A somewhat relieving circumstance considering that such cases rarely happen. "Having retired on the first lap, the driver of car #44 left the car and ran towards the pit stop. He crossed the track where the race was in progress and reached the inside of the track just a few seconds before car #63 ( Russell) arrived at high speed.

He walked on the side until he finally left her," the race inspector's report said. In the rest of the season, Hamilton will have to be careful not to make any kind of incident, because this one certainly affected his career and results in the rest of the season.

It is important that no one was injured, and we hope that this rigorous punishment will be a lesson to other drivers and influence them not to make the same mistakes as this already legendary driver. The majority of the Formula 1 audience justifies this kind of punishment for Hamilton precisely for the reason that other drivers would not make such mistakes.

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