Lewis Hamilton: I don't have any problems with George Russell


Lewis Hamilton: I don't have any problems with George Russell
Lewis Hamilton: I don't have any problems with George Russell © Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

Even though many were suspicious that the George Russell-Lewis Hamilton collision would lead to a conflict between the two or confusion within the team, Lewis managed to resolve all the dilemmas that arise. After the end of the race, this great F1 driver made sure to emphasize that he and Russell are going to have a conversation, and that their relationship is great at the moment.

As a result, Hamilton took responsibility for his actions. "I think we are a great team. George and I still have a great relationship. We will discuss things and work away," Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net! "I'm happy to take responsibility as the older guy.

I don't think George had anywhere to go at that point."

Lewis Hamilton: It's just an unfortunate situation

Hamilton stressed the fact that it was an unfortunate situation. His intentions were quite different, but as we all know, things don't always go according to plan.

It is unlikely that this will cause any problems for them and their relationship in the future. "I was trying to get ahead of both of them and just an unfortunate situation. I had the worst tyre of everyone around me, so I needed to try and get ahead.

Big risk, big penalty. The relationship isn't broken. I don't have any problems with George, we have a great relationship, we work and we always talk about things." It is clear to Lewis that Russell will be furious with what happened, and he understands that.

Lewis, who has more experience in driving than Russell does, will, however, have a long conversation with Russell about the situation. "So this is definitely unfortunate and I'm sure he was frustrated in the moment like I was.

But we will talk about it offline and we move forwards. As I said, just apologies to all of the team." The Mercedes team already wants to forget this season. Their focus is on the next.

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