Nico Rosberg believes that Max Verstappen is among the greatest ever


Nico Rosberg believes that Max Verstappen is among the greatest ever
Nico Rosberg believes that Max Verstappen is among the greatest ever © Clive Rose / Getty Images Sport

Max Verstappen is seen by many as 'the best ever', although he still hasn't achieved the success of individuals from the F1 world in the past. Once a great F1 driver, Nico Rosberg recently spoke to the media about Max Verstappen's superiority.

Rosberg cited Max Verstappen as one of the five greatest F1 drivers of all time. He really impressed many people with his form.
"It's really historic," Rosberg said, as quoted by! "It's unbelievable, the run of form he's had.

And the level that he's driving at, the records he's beating - unreal! He's even getting close to those five greatest of all time now." Rosberg believes that Red Bull can be happy with the fact that they have such a driver in their team.

It is truly amazing to watch the dominance and success of such a driver. "It's spectacular. With the way he's driving, he's getting close to the Fangios, Schumachers, Sennas and Hamiltons. It's so motivating for those within team Red Bull to know that they have got one of the greatest drivers of all time driving their machine.

It's such an uplifting thing and that's what is driving them."

Naomi Schiff on Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen has a superior car, and many believe that is the reason for his dominance. A motorsport enthusiast knows very well how high-quality the Dutch are.

Naomi Schiff, racing driver and TV presenter, believes that Verstappen manages to get the most out of Red Bull's car. "If you look at Checo's season so far and the gap between him and Max, yes it's a competitive car, but the question is: how much is Max able to extract out of that car that maybe another driver wouldn't have been able to do? So as much as it is a strong car, I think he's doing fantastic things in it."

Nico Rosberg Max Verstappen

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