Red Bull is the only option for Perez to stay in F1

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Red Bull is the only option for Perez to stay in F1

Ahead of the last three races of the current season, the only Mexican on the grid has stated that he has only one option to stay in Formula 1 and next season, and that option is Red Bull. The decision on who will be Max Verstappen's teammate has not yet been made.

It seems that Red Bull is persistently giving new opportunities to Alexander Albon, and he seems to be trying not to take advantage of those opportunities. If he doesn't do the end of the season properly, the team could turn to Sergio Perez or maybe Nico Hülkenberg.

Behind Perez is a great season and it is a bit unbelievable that a driver could lose his job after such performances. Racing Point decided to bring in Sebastian Vettel instead, and Perez holds fourth place in the driver’s standings, with the fact that he missed two races due to a positive test at COVID-19.

He wants to stay

The Mexican wants to stay in F1, but only in a competitive team: “Like I said before, I’ve been here a long time. I want to continue and I think I am at the peak of my career, but I want to continue with some reason, a plan, as part of a good project.

If it's not a good project that will keep me motivated to give 100 percent of myself, I'd rather not accept. " "There is only one option. They are now waiting with a decision, thinking about what to do. So it's not in my hands.

I approach these remaining races as usual, I try to concentrate on work, and the rest is not up to me. ” If Red Bull’s call doesn’t come after all, Sergio isn’t seen in any other racing series next season.

“Plan A is to continue, and Plan B is to take a one-year break to see how I will feel and whether I will miss racing. Will I want to come back, will there be another series that I will be interested in or would I rather do something other than motoring.

” “I’ll have a year to think about what I really want. If I don't drive F1 next year, I don't see myself in anything else, "Perez said It remains for us to see whether Perez will change the team or shock the public with a break