Lewis Hamilton reveals ALL THE TRUTH about his contacts with Ferrari!


Lewis Hamilton reveals ALL THE TRUTH about his contacts with Ferrari!
Lewis Hamilton reveals ALL THE TRUTH about his contacts with Ferrari! © Mark Thompson / Staff Getty Images Sport

In an interview with Blick, Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton explained that, once he retires from racing, he will not go back. He also talked about many other topics, among which to become a father, the new contract and his contact with Ferrari.

He explained about the retirement: "It won't happen to me. When a chapter is over, then it's over. I can't imagine being in the paddock or in the garage and not getting into the car. But like I said: never say never."

The Briton admitted that sooner or later he would like to have children: "I haven't decided to take this big step yet because I don't have time.

I have goals to achieve with the racing car, and everything has to take a back seat. But I like being an uncle! I want to do my job 100%. Of course you have to find the necessary balance with your private life and make compromises.

But luckily that day hasn't come yet. I never said that the eighth title would be a stop sign for me, I'll only know when I actually get there."

Hamilton about Ferrari and the new contract

Hamilton also clarified the contacts with Ferrari: "We have had some informal talks with Ferrari.

I know a lot of good people there. But there has never been a real offer from Maranello. Beyond this I never felt ready to move to Italy."

On the renewal with Mercedes until 2025, Hamilton underlined: "It is not the first time that the two of us argue for hours about the details, always with the motto that from Thursday to Sunday I belong exclusively to Formula 1.

There are so many details to discuss about my promotional activities. There are now 200 pages of contract and I want to read them all but it takes days. I get along well with Toto. He is respected and admired by everyone. It is easy to negotiate with him.

And this makes him a great leader."

Hamilton will therefore retire to Mercedes with the aim of winning his eighth title, which would make him the most successful driver of all time, and at the same time achieving 200 podiums, the latter goal being much more feasible as up to now he has share 196.

In the end, Hamilton chose the German company until he was 40 and consequently the dream of seeing himself in the cockpit of a Ferrari, barring sensational twists, will remain as such.

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